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About Beehive Techcampus 4.2

The new foundation Beehive Techcampus 4.2 was born from a wish to create a non-profit organisation which facilitates companies and individuals that want to innovate in an inspiring hackerspace. The board consists of 5 likeminded people with a vision about what the 'Koepelcampus' can be and mean for Arnhem, the Netherlands, Europe and the world.

The board will decide on the general direction regarding the development of Beehive Techcampus 4.2 and with present this to the advisory board. The advisory board consists of a number of proponents of the project and offers the board advice on different aspects of the development.

The Beehive foundation specificity aims to offer funding to people and third parties to help them realize ideas. For this, iniatives can be submitted to be examined by the board and presented to the advisory board.

Advisory board Boardmembers
The plan

The safest techcampus in the world

With the foundation we have the goal to acquire the former panopticon prison in Arnhem and transform it to a techcampus with a focus on ICT and cyber security. The complex with be named Beehive Techcampus 4.2, or 'Koepelcampus' for short, and will become a breeding ground for ethical hackers an technology companies.

The Koepelcampus will be the safest techcampus in the world, and an ideal location for secure hosting and other technology services that benefit from a high level of security. A place where internetcompanies and startups can make use of facilities and knowledge. A place for software development, for graduating under the supervision of academics, infosecurity, technology consulting, design and prototyping, energy and sustainability.

Offering a huge amount of quality space, the fastest internet of the Netherlands, the innovative entrpreneurial climate of the city of Arnhem and large powercapacity in it's backyard, the panopticon prison in Arnhem is the ideal location for a techcampus.

Creating the largest techcampus in Europe

it's not a one man job!

Our plan is ambitious but is widely supported in both the Netherlands as abroad. People are showing interest in many aspects of the project and are speaking their support for this iniative. By means of open source development we want to realise our plan with companies, educational institutions, creatives, ethical hackers, locals and others who are interested. This is a very deliberate decision because we believe this will lead to a better result.

If you want to help us make Beehive Techcampus 4.2 a success, then join us! We have various spaces available. Choose a space and work with us on awesome projects.

You can also financially support us by donating.

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